Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last post

This is going to be my last post on because I have finally made the decision to migrate over to wordpress! I've been having this perpetual problem of aligning my pictures and texts with this current template on blogspot. Somehow, the posts just run all over the place when viewed with a non-IE browser like Firefox and Chrome. I've also been reading about how working on wordpress is so much better. Most importantly, with the impending arrival of baby #2, the blog wouldn't just be about Kaizer anymore. So I'll have to change the blog title anyway. Might as well take the chance to change the blog service provider too.

My new blog address is Am happy to announce that I've already migrated all the past entries and comments from blogspot over to wordpress this morning. Wordpress is really easy peasy and such a pleasure to use! I'll be spending some time this long weekend to neaten my template, categorize my past posts, adding widgets etc over at the other side. Meanwhile, please change your bookmarks and visit the other side as I'll be starting to post about baby #2 there!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One more week ...

... to baby #2's EDD. Have just finished packing my hospital bag, and am almost done with handing over my work in the office. It'll be nice if baby #2 decides to arrive this Sunday as 20.09.2009 is a pretty nice date =)

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Monday, September 7, 2009

2.5 year old milestone ... cooking up reasons to skip school

Between 7.45am and 8.15am this morning ...
  1. While getting changed by papa in the morning ...
    Kaizer: Don't want wear pampers! Don't want wear pampers!
    (Breaks down and cries till mama has to take over the changing duties)

  2. While getting out of the house ...
    Kaizer: Bring stroller along.
    Mama: No, we are going to school. Nobody brings a stroller to school.
    (Bringing stroller out is associated with mama bringing Kaizer to the mall??)

  3. While driving out of the estate ...
    Kaizer: Fu-sion-no-polis (looks out at Fusionopolis). Go polis.
    Mama: No, we are going to school now.
    Kaizer: Go polis (agitated-ly).
    Mama: We usually go there for dinner right? The shops are all not open now.
    Kaizer: Open already.
    Mama: Not open.
    Kaizer: Open already.

  4. While turning into PGP ....
    Kaizer: Don't want to go school. Don't want to go school (x 7 times).

  5. While being dropped off for temperature checks ...
    Kaizer: Ahhhhhhhhhhh, papa ... ahhhhhhhhhhh, papa (tears streaming down on cheeks, clings to papa for a good 5 minutes).
    Teacher Grace: Kaizer, I have sticker in the class, apple sticker. Do you want?
    (Kaizer gets off papa, runs into the class area and forgets about crying altogether)

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Counting down ...

This is a very nice family picture. It'll probably be the last that we'll have as a family of three though, cos baby #2 is slated to join us in approximately 17 days time!

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Evening at Clarke Quay

We dropped by SGH on Saturday evening to "visit" kong kong, who has been hospitalized since Thursday for a series of tests.

SGH had reinstated their strict visitor's policy because of a H1N1 resurgance. Only por por could visit kong kong in his room, while the rest of us had to wait at the ground floor for her to be done. Luckily, kong kong's room had a good view of the garden, so we all stood there while Kaizer chatted with him on his room phone, and even performed a little dance for him. Hope this brightened up his evening!

After the visit and an hour long dinner at Central, we took a short stroll along Clarke Quay. Por por was more than happy to be pointing out interesting sights to Kaizer (who hasn't been out so late before).

Here's another pic of the happy grandma with her little one.

Can't remember when was the last time we snapped a couple pic like this =)

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Stay home activities

Today's my third day at home alone with Kaizer in this week. We've read so much on Monday and Thursday that I decided I didn't want reading to take up the bulk of our Friday morning. In the end, we ran out of things to do with the very limited number of toys we owned, so we ended up having to spend 1/2 hour on our books still. Here's what we did with the rest of our time .... stringing straws together ...

... depositing our plastic coins into the coin bank, withdrawing them and then depositing them again ...

... piling blocks up as high as we could, watching them fall, ...

... getting frustrated in the process, ...

... and pretending to stack some tiny frogs on the head like what the animals in Dr Seuss' "Ten Apples Up on Top" do with their apples.

Of course, we snacked a lot too, since all the activities were carried out in the kitchen in close proximity to the fridge and food supplies. For por por's benefit, Kaizer's breakfast consisted of 120ml of milk, apple juice, a small container of breakfast Os and half a small container of baked beans (which he wanted to eat cold from the fridge). For lunch, Kaizer didn't want proper food like rice or keow teow. So he ended up having 2 slices of bread with tuna, some honey stars, half a pack of meiji crackers and 120ml of milk.

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Sleeping in the stroller

After having spent the entire morning at NUH, we headed to Habourfront for lunch. Kaizer was repeatedly reminded that he had to either stay inside the stroller or walk with one hand on the stroller while at the mall - which he did. Despite the fact that he hasn't sat in a stroller for over a year, he didn't have any problems (surprisingly) taking his nap in one yesterday.

In fact, after he's had his usual pasta + 150ml of milk for lunch, he slept for 2 hours and 15 minutes in this position!

Looks like this 2nd hand stroller's going to turn out to be a pretty good buy at $230. Am hopeful that both baby #2 (and occassionally Kaizer too) will be able to consistently take 2-3 hour naps whenever we're out 'strolling' in the afternoon =)

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Assessment for the spots

The PD whom we saw yesterday (not our usual Dr Chan who wasn't in the clinic) took one look and decided that all the spots on the hands, knees, thighs and feet were not HFMD spots. Rather, these were due to an eczema flare up because Kaizer's body was most undergoing some stress from the HFMD infection. In any case, we were told to follow up with the usual eczema care - moisturizing the ugly spots liberally, applying a topical steriod to help them subside, and applying an antibiotic cream on the weepy ones. The PD took a little while to search for the real HFMD spots amongst the eczema ones, and finally found about 3 of them on one of the feet, another 3 of them on the palms, 1 in the mouth, and 1 at the back of the throat. Meaning that Kaizer's HFMD isn't really very serious. He has already passed the incubation period and is not infectious anymore. But the school and playground are still out of bounds because no teacher and parent in their mind will allow their young ones to get close to someone with so many spots - whether or not they're infectious really is another matter. This means another 3-4 days off school, and continued 'confinement' in the stroller if we ever need to be in an area that's crowded with people.

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Thursday morning at NUH

We spent the entire Thursday morning at NUH. First stop was at Clinic G for a 37th week gyn appointment and Strep B test. Second stop was at the pharmacy to stock up on our supply of elomet cream. Third stop was at Clinic A to get an updated assessment on Kaizer's HFMD.

We bought along baby #2's stroller for the hospital visit just so that Kaizer needn't be carried at all the entire morning. More importantly, I wanted him to be "contained" in his own little space at Clinic A lest he runs amok in the common playing area and infect other young ones with his HFMD.

Kaizer pretty much knew what to expect at the PD's office as we've been reading "Baby Fozzie Visits The Doctor" at home. There were no surprises and no fussing when he was asked to take his height/weight at the clinic, sit on the examining table with crinkly paper, and get his mouth/ears examined with an otoscope. The PD played along and told Kaizer that he was going to check if there were elephants in his ears!

At 2.5 years old, Kaizer weighs 11.1-11.2kg and measures 86.6cm in height. Pretty satisfactory growth as his file recorded 8.8kg in weight and 75cm in height a year ago.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Off to Bukit Batok on a weekday

Kaizer was more than happy to be able to stay over at por por's house on a weekday, since it's her turn to babysit him tomorrow.

Staring hard at some youtube clip here?

Whatever it is, it's a treat to be able to inch so close to the computer as he'll definitely be scolded if he came this close to the computer at home.

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Home alone with papa

Everyone's taking leave on different days to care for Kaizer: mama on Monday, papa on Tuesday, por por on Wednesday, mama on Thursday, and so on.

Papa had a really exhausting day today as Kaizer refused to take a nap, cried buckets when it was time to do so, and managed only a short 45min rest before he woke up to wail again. Other than that, the boys got through the day pretty well. They read and played puzzles in the morning, drove through West Coast Macs to get lunch, took a short snooze together, went downstairs to get a red bean pau, watched a DVD in the later afternoon, and picked mama up from the office at 5.45pm.

Kaizer's devouring his lunch in this picture. He apparently ate 4 nuggets, half a cup of corn and half a pack of medium fries. Quite a big amount for a little person who's afflicted with HFMD!

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Monday, August 31, 2009


Kaizer's having a bout of HFMD at the moment. He was feverish on Saturday while at por por's house, and had visited her usual GP. He was apparently so chatty at the clinic (answering all the questions that were directed at por por) that the GP commented he was a talkertive boy, and sent him home with a fever diagnosis and nothing more.

The fever was all gone on Sunday. However, since there were a couple of HFMD cases in school last week, we thought we'll better keep him away from school on Monday, just in case. In hindsight, it was a good decision as this was when the spots started to sprout.

At first, they looked merely like a serious case of eczema. But then they started popping out on typically non-eczema areas like the bum, knee caps and inner thighs. As you can see, his hands are really ugly looking now. Luckily for him, there probably wasn't any throat/mouth ulcers as he's able to take in liquids and solids without much problems.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New way of snacking

We were reading and snacking last night when we realized that our Breakfast Os were sized identically as the alphabet 'o' on the cover of this Pooh book.

Kaizer is seen here planting Breakfast Os over all the 'o's he could find.

Apparently, the honey stars that we're eating are of the same size as the (bigger) stars on the cover page too.

We couldn't find a snack that looked exactly like the butterfly; guess the cornflake is the closest match.

Yikes, Zoe looks strange with the Breakfast Os on her eyes, nose and mouth!

Not that Kaizer minded, as he was only too happy to be able to eat his snacks off the books.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

New bunk bed!

We just received our bunk bed today. It's definately the biggest item (in terms of size) that we've ever purchased online! With baby #2 due to arrive in a month's time, this bunk bed would allow the four of us to experiment with various sleeping arrangements just so that everyone gets to squeeze into this tiny room in our tiny flat. Well, this is prob the best arrangement until our bigger flat arrives next year!

By the way, in case anyone's interested to find out where the bunk bed's from, do check out I must say that I'm very satisfied with this online store, cos the bed frames are really cheap (I hate going to furniture showrooms where salespeople usually overquote you), ordering is a breeze (since no online payment is required), and delivery is very prompt (we submitted our order online on Friday and received the bed this afternoon). Haha, the wonders of online shopping!

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Singapore flag

August is almost over, and these flags are still hanging around. Why? Cos they weren't hung up by the residents in the first place. The number of flags that were displayed in the estate was quite dismal last year, so the town council must have decided that they needed to rectify the situation. Into the picture came workers who were paid to help put these flags up along every single corridor on every single floor of our block. Guess the residents must be waiting for the same workers to come about to remove the flags.

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Brown huat kueh

Thanks to aunty leo's recommendation, we've finally found ourselve an egg-less and dairy-less "cake that we could prepare on our own!

We decided to use only a fraction of the premix, in case the end product didn't turn out too nice (proved to be a good decision in hindsight).

Posing with the premix.

Busy stirring the batter here, now that water has been added.

Dropping raisins into the batter very very slowly ...

Checking the consistency of the batter before mama took it away to be steamed.

Tadaa! Here's the final product. Both papa and Kaizer took one obligatory bite each, while mama was left to finish the rest of the kueh. The kueh tasted alright, but we could probably add banana at our next attempt to make it more palatable.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yummy pasta ... slurp!

Kaizer wanted to eat pasta yet again on Friday, so off we went to Il Piccolo since we've already been to Fusionopolis earlier in the week. After the dinner, te actually told us that the pasta at Fusionopolis was yummier than the Il Piccolo one. Okay, so now we know.

The queue at Botak Jones was real long, so the adults decided to order from Il Piccolo too. The potato dumpling pasta was good!

The salad was alright, but we'll have to remember to tell the crew to serve the dressing and veg seperately in future.

We also tried the katsu curry from the Japanese stall. A tad too salty, well guess you can't expect much from a Japanese stall at a neighbourhood kopitiam.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Four syllable words

Papa bought home two Invitrogen soft toys on Friday (the pandas are actually sewn together). We decided to name the cow "niu niu", and the pandas "invi"/"trogen", just so that Kaizer could practise pronouncing more four syllable words. He's having some problems with "vegetable" still, just can't get the third syllable out properly.

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Artwork for National Day 2009

Happy (belated) birthday Singapore!

Kaizer's contribution to the stash of flags handing in school. Don't you think the inverted crescent looks somewhat like an Islamic crescent?

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wallet, coins and cards

To stop Kaizer from rummaging our wallets, we gave him a wallet to call his own a couple of weeks back.

Filled his wallet with lots of bilibo pixel "coins" since he's learning about the concept of money now.

And he gets his very own cards too! Overheard him addressing the star alliance card as his "twinkle twinkle little star" card.

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